Friday, November 16, 2007

Incoherent, Paranoid Rant

~ ~ ~

Will we be consumers for the corporate good? Will our grandchildren be issued credit cards at birth?

Will GovernCorp put up enough cameras to keep us under enough Surveillance to bring back the land of the free? Will we know when it is safe enough to take the cameras down again? They will take the cameras down again, right?

Will we monitor enough phone conversations and emails to give us liberty? Will GovernCorp keep us safe from the bad people? Will we know when it is safe enough to stop eavesdropping?

Will we ever learn to "cooperate" while we're being herded and hogtied by the friendly police? Will we cooperate when it's our turn to be waterboarded?

Will GovernCorp pick the right dictator to keep the Middle East still enough to extract enough oil out from under it to burn up the atmosphere?"

Will the President and Senators and Congressmen wear their Corporate Masters' logos on their suits like they do in NASCAR so we can see who they really represent?

Will we fight enough wars to employ enough private contractors to keep the Military Industrial Complex afloat until we become a completely militarized nation?

Will we write our tax laws in such a way that we make enough billionaires that eventually their sweet generosity will trickle down to the rest of us?

Will we become polarized enough so that our great divided nation can stand on its two feet?

Will we retroactively abort criminals?

Will we watch enough television to fill enough couches with enough asses that we won't notice the tanks roll down our streets?

Will we taser enough students and protesters until they stop asking questions and focus on consuming? Will we position our Free Speech Zones far enough away from our Dear Leaders to keep them comfortable?

Will we privatize enough prisons and fill them with enough people to keep the guards and administrators and food service companies gainfully employed? Can we imprison enough people to turn a profit?

Will we waterboard enough Muslims to make them tells us what we want to know and teach them to love our freedom and our respect for human dignity?

Will we go into debt deep enough to buy enough flat screens and iPods and cell phones and computers until we never have to interface with each other directly ever again?

Will we strip-search enough grandmothers in enough airports in the name of freedom to finally make the skies friendly again?

Will the atmosphere wipe us out fast enough to save the planet from ourselves? Will we build enough cars to fill enough roads so we'll all go back to riding bicycles and walking?

Will we put our six billion heads together and agree that birth control is bad? Will we pump out enough babies to collapse the world in on itself?

Will the dollar collapse?

Will we need a wheelbarrow full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread?

Will we know when we've cut down the last tree?

Will we kill each other for a glass of water?

Will churches have armories?

Will pickup trucks full of men with automatic weapon search the streets for those who do not believe what they believe?

Will the mail trucks stop delivering the mail so we don't know we're foreclosed on?

Will the food trucks stop filling the grocery stores? Will we eat the bark from trees?

Will we resort to cannibalism?

Will Democrats taste any different than Republicans if we marinate them with teriyaki or barbeque sauce before we cook them?

Will we starve until it is sociably acceptable to bludgeon our neighbors and cook them over open fires in our backyards?

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