Sunday, February 26, 2006

which I did with impunity

Hey, I'm glad you're back. I know you can't keep away. I'm posting directly to blogger now, I changed the template and now it just pops up there when I write. I suppose this is very boring to the rest of the world, but whatever. Today I changed wall sockets, took some computer junk to Goodwill, read, wrote, and all that. I have ANOTHER story that might sell. The editor wrote and asked me to change it up a little, which I did with impunity. I had to look up some stuff.

Doing some research for a short story, I found the story of Woody Eugene James a suvivor of the USS Indianapolis, which was torpedoed on 30 July 1945, between Guam and Leyte Gulf. It's an amazing story.

February 25, 2005
Don Knotts died today. I don't have anything snide or cynical to say about that, because it actually kind of makes me sad.

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