Thursday, March 02, 2006

nothing to report. only had 1 call; i had to explain how to use to use the Internet without AOL for a lady who got a new computer and switched to a dial-up providor. A web browser and an internet connection. What more could one possibly ask for.

I played XBox and worked on my new website. I'm writing a database site so people can display their products, or whatever. I've sold two websites, but they've been straight HTML. This database website will be my finest achievement having to do with websites. (Except for, which is the greatest website on the internet with my name in it.

I have untethered my laptop, and i'm actually out of my office, which, although it is in my house, has become my workplace, and I'm sick of being in my office all the time.

Yesterday I bought stamps for my postcards. As many of my loyal readers know, I send out postcards to advertise my technological genius to the masses. So I'm at the post office, and they STILL don't have 24 cent stamps. They raised the rate in January. The lady at the post office suggested that they probably already have the stamps, but they're trying to get rid of 1 cent stamps, so they're not releasing them yet. Meanwhile, I have to put two f*cking stamps on every postcard in order to get them sent. The government sucks ass.

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