Thursday, May 25, 2006

this post has no title.

tried, and failed to read Douglas Adam's "Mostly Harmless". It was craptastic. wrote some filler for the local newspaper about crap on the internet. emailed it to the editor. heard nothing. i have horrible sinus congestion, due to pollen. Took some medicine, now feel like crap. girls are singing "everybody's working for the weekend . . ." in high-falsetto operatic voices. i'm not sure how this is happening. not sure where they heard a Loverboy song that was a hit in 1981, fifteen years before either one of them were born.

i've had no calls today, which makes me surly, and makes me wonder what's the difference between being self-employed and un-employed. it just matters if the friggin' phone rings. thing is i make more in one hour working for myself than i would working all day at Lowes, so I guess i'm stuck. plus i can play world of warcraft or work on my book when i'm not fixing other people's computer problems.

at least they convicted those Enron assholes.

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