Wednesday, July 05, 2006

today I just loved all of humanity

Today was a fantastic day. I got a call from the one of my regular customers, a garage. Their new E-Machine wouldn’t start. I drove downtown, stopping at Denny’s for a coffee, under a blue sky, cool temperatures, and new tires. The poor E-Machine must have taken a power-spike (I actually have no idea) because when you hit the power button, the power light came on for just a second, and then went out. I performed magic (that will not be revealed here) and it was working in less than thirty seconds.

But then, as they were writing me a check, a miracle happened: One of the mechanics walked in holding a tiny, cute, white and gray kitten. A stray from somewhere. The gal who runs the place said, “Where’d you get that?” and the mechanic said, it just wandered in. So now they have a shop cat. I suggested they call it “shop cat.”

When I got home I finished up one machine on the bench, and took it to one of my other repeat customers. Somehow their “SYSTEM” folder got wiped out, so it was reformat city. But today I took it back. My customer was a pregnant woman and her husband. She was “glowing.”

For some reason, today I just loved all of humanity, and I have a good attitude. That’s good for me, but bad for you, because people in good moods are BORING!

After that I picked up toner for my printer, along with my favorite pen and some invoices. Later, after Deb goes to work, I might go purchase a couple of my favorite cigars.

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