Wednesday, October 07, 2009

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today I took The Complete Works of Shakespeare to Founders and read Macbeth while I ate lunch. If there is one lesson to be taken from Macbeth it is this: don't listen to witches, they will complete screw with your mind. And killing makes you feel guilty. There are probably a lot more lessons in that story, but I'm just getting past the language.

After lunch I took my study to the Common Ground Coffee shop where I had much coffee and smoked a cigar.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan! I didn't know you like Shakespeare... I'm into it big time. Macbeth is kinda macabre and not my fav, I like the comedies and sonnets a lot better. I had the experience of a lifetime to see Richard II in London with Kevin Spacey as the Rich II. I really enjoyed your thoughts about it. Thanks for the link u sent. Take Care, Wendy

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