Tuesday, May 13, 2014


And yea, though you find the allen wrench set, after looking in the Five Places, thou shalt not find the one of the proper size, for Lo! There are two missing. And again thou shalt search, and Yea! You shall, in that other toolbox with the stuff you don't use very often, thou shalt find yet another allen wrench set, different from the first, yet similar. But nay, thou shalt not find the one of the proper size, and there will be much gnashing of teeth.

Search in vain, thou shalt not find what you seek, and the Bristles from the Wire Brush will stab thine fingers, and the tiny drawers with various screws, nuts and bolts shalt confound you, you shall not find the allen wrench, the One True Allen Wrench, proper for the task, and thou shalt weep. Yea, you will find loose allen wrenches hither and yon, but not the One True Allen Wrench of Power.

But Lo! Those little allen-wrench tipped screwdriver thingies you got at the Dollar Store, in an age past shalt be discovered unlooked for, and the proper size shalt be revealed, and the little set screw to hold the wheel on the axle shalt be turned clockwise, as it was written.

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