Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This clever-adjacent list has no meaning without context, but it occurred to me, so I'm provisionally adding it to the Internets. Perhaps you can provide some context for yourself:

1. You hate it and know you hate it.
2. You hate it but think you enjoy it.
3. You enjoy it but think you hate it.
4. You enjoy it and know you enjoy it.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Summary: Drug companies create dummy drugs with horrifying side effects in order to drive customers to another product that is less scary.


BIG DRUG COMPANY owns DRUG A, which treats CONDITION X, with a few side effects, some of which are alarming.

In order to make the side effects of DRUG A more palatable, they create another drug, DRUG B, which also treats CONDITION X, but with a long list of horrifying side effects.  They run ludicrous commercials for DRUG B, listing the horrifying side effects, urging people with the condition to "talk to your doctor."

A consumer with CONDITION X calls his or her doctor about the condition, but voices concerns about the side effects of DRUG B, the dummy drug.

The doctor notes that there is a safer alternative; DRUG A. DRUG A's side effects seem much safer when compared to the horrifying side effects of DRUG B.

DRUG A is then sold, because pushing drugs on television is legal, for some reason.

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