Saturday, September 11, 2004

Saturday, September 11, 2004: what happened today.

My daughter Savannah and I went golfing this morning. Actually, we went to a couple of golf courses, but they were all busy.

So we went downtown instead. We went to the Grand Rapids Art Museum and looked at some art. Then we walked to cross the bridge to go to the other two museums. While we were crossing the bridge, I thought, "Oh yeah, today is September 11th." I had just thought that when I heard an aircraft roar in at low altitude, and I actually said, "Oh shit."

But they were just four military aircraft flying in low formation over downtown Grand Rapids. I almost shit myself, but then I thought how stupid I was being.

We went to the museum. They were having some celebration or another (unrelated to the 9/11 anniversary) and we spent some time there in front of the G. Ford Museum.

At about three, we decided to try golfing again, and this time we got to play nine holes. (best ball, and we used about three of Savannah's Tee shots (she's eight) cause I duffed my T shots and didn't get it past the ladies tee, where she was hitting from. We got one par.

Yesterday a customer actually said this to me with a straight face: "I have an MBA, so I consider myself intelligent."

I ran this morning. Two guys were riding bikes going the other way, and I heard this: "Here's a thought process . . ." I thought, what a bore, that other guy is probably rolling his eyes on the inside.

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