Sunday, December 04, 2005

Much sledding

We've had some snow. Took Savannah out sledding while Alex was at church with a friend. Then Savannah and I went to Pando for some inner-tube sledding. That's fun times. Then, Savannah went to a birthday party, so Alex and I went sledding. Sledding sledding sledding.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

That one Time I drove Madonna to The Airport

I once took Madonna to the airport. She was standing by the side of the road with a mountain of high priced luggage two miles west of McPherson Kansas in 1993. I pulled over in my 1963 sky-blue Ford Fairlane and asked her if she needed a ride.

She asked me to take her to the Wichita airport, and I agreed.

She had eight bags with her, all expensive luggage. I threw the bags in the trunk and back seat, and we were off.

Trying to remain cool, I pretended not to recognize her. She was wearing sunglasses, and her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail, and she was wearing jeans and a simple white top. But I knew her instantly. She was really pissed off.

“That twit Raphael is going to be so fired when I get back to L.A.,” she said. In ’96 she had yet to put on her ridiculous fake British accent, so her saying “twit” was sort of prophetic.

She didn’t even pretend to care who I was. She didn’t even ask me my name.

“I’m Dan,” I said. “I’d play the radio, but it’s broken.”

“Brilliant.” She said. Again a British expression, no British accent.

“Well, I was going to get it replaced. I like some of your songs.”

“Oh, thank you,” she said, and she finally smiled, showing the famous gap between her teeth.

I drove her to the airport. She gave me gas money and autographed a Domino's Pizza box I had in the back seat. I still have that pizza box. I have it framed in my office. No one believes me when I tell this story.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Alex at Lake Charlevoix

Alex at Lake Charlevoix
Originally uploaded by danmanning2001.
Took this pic of Alex when we went to Lake Charlevoix on Sept. 4th.

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