Thursday, February 23, 2006

puttin' down the chillinist prose

Hey everybody. It's me. Dan Manning. How ya doing? I killed some computer viruses and put a CPU cooling fan on notice: Technological butt-kicking is underway. I'm writing a new web-page for my loyal customers, so they can display their wares on the Wild Wild Web. I'm puttin' down the chillinist prose and proclimating to the science fiction masses. Yeah baby. I'm feelin' smooth and cool in my funky threads. Peace!

I was consuming some pasta at the Olive Garden, you know, taking in the Italian culture and whatnot, when I had to take a pee. I strutted over to the men's room and took a pee. When I came back, I realized I was listening to Mel Tormay, or some old lounge crooner, putting the shmaltz on Billy Idol's 1983 smash hit, "Eyes Without a Face." Crazy man, crazy.

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