Monday, March 20, 2006

hi everybody, it's me, dan manning. Did you all miss me? Hey, i found a new website,, and found some money one of my relatives was missing. We found it at the state of michigan website. Check it out for yourself. You might be able to get some money back.

In other news: Welcome to Spring, and Welcome to the Year 4 of the Per$ian Excur$ion, compliments of W and the Krew. Word.

I had a rough 3 days last week, NO CALLS. But then Friday, at Exactly AT FIVE, when I was getting my beer-ration, my phone started ringing. Today I got another two calls, and all is well. I go through the caniptions when my phone doesn't ring. Jesus. I even thought about getting (God forbid) a job!!

But today I worked. All is well.

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