Sunday, March 05, 2006

moving crap from one place to another

Started out the day right, by writing. Then we went to the mall, where I tried to get my watch resized, but the girl at the watch repair place had no idea how to repair it, so I’m going to do it myself.

Right now, or at least just now, I was “straightening” the office, the type of mindless straightening which really only amounts to moving crap from one place to another. I need to throw half of my stuff out, but I never will. I’m trying to load World of Warcraft on my iMac, which will turn me into another video game zombie for the next six months, until I realize what a mistake I’ve made.

I hope it works because I was going to spend hundreds of dollars building another machine just for the stupid game, but I was looking up the system requirements, and it said “OSX” and I said, “well hell, why not give it a shot?” I already have the machine, might as well load something on it.

I’ve been working on this book about clones. It’s going okay. I’ve been reading Philip K. Dick, he’s a minimalist writer, I suppose that’s how you’d describe him. He writes good stories that get to the point, and he stays out of the way.
I ordered an Ipod Nano this morning. I figure I have to have one because my customers are always asking me to hook them up. Research you know. Deb’s asked me to go out and get a bottle of wine, and that sounds pretty good to me.

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