Friday, March 10, 2006

Never Type Drunk

okay. it happened today: brian beat me in chess. He beat me fair and square, and I . . . I . . . congratulate him for that. But I swear to you, on my last breath . . . it will never happen again (here he squinted his eyes over the keyboard) . . .

In other, less disturbing news . . . had a great time with Brian, Joe, and Don at the Hideout drinking beers and (ahem) playing chess and generally bullshitting about this and that. Picked up 1 machine for a most timely reformat. Oh the reformat, a new beginning, a wiping clean of the slate . . .

Meanwhile, in a humble abode in Plainfield . . . Savannah takes the Ipod as her own . . . listening to it whilst doing her homework. I rent some movies . . . and pick up a great champagne. Life is good. Let all peoples rejoice in the fact that March Madness is upon us, Spring beckons, and the Roller Derby is coming to the DeltaPlex. Let the four winds blow, let the seven seas sigh, and let brewers everywhere harness the power of barley and hops.

Rejoice! Spring is on the way.

Let this blog entry be a warning for those who come after me: Never Type Drunk.


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