Monday, May 29, 2006

I am the Neglector!

So far this year, my neglect to detail has cost me the underground sprinkler system, (I didn’t drain it, it froze and broke the pipes. I think anyway, I don’t have the courage to turn them on and check. Maybe we’ll get a lot of rain this year) and now, I didn’t change the air filter in the air-conditioner, and the thing froze over. It’s friggin hot outside, and we have to wait two days for the AC to defrost. It’s a solid block of ice downstairs. I discovered the filter myself, after running for two days and freezing it. I have a buddy who services AC and heating systems, and he told me to let it thaw out. So we have no AC for two days because I am a very primitive primate. Intelligent design my ass.

I went golfing this morning with Brian, Jay, and Sid. Great times. I didn’t golf so well, but had a good time nonetheless. We went to BW3s after, and I had a grilled chicken sandwich and a beer.

After that, it was chillin’ in the pool.

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