Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Grand Rapids Park Project

Weekend Update: Friday I dropped off email data for a machine that crashed. I had to export to a .csv file bla bla bla, but anyways, there was much exporting and importing of files into outlook, cause the user had a different folder for every possible category of email you could think of. Thus it took more time, thus a larger bill.

After that, I jetted off to some crazy place around 64th street for a PC pickup (hard-drive crash) and the confirmation that yes, we have no cable internet signal. Call Comcast, tell them that yes, they have to come out and check the lines or whatever, because the modem no workie.

Then we drove to Davison to visit with my Brother-in-Law Tony, his wife and kids. Tony, his boy Travis and I went to Grand Blanc Golf Country Club and golfed. Fun times. Travis has a good golf swing.

Then there was “ball tag” in the backyard with Savannah, Alex and their cousins. All that running made me sore because I am old.

When we got back yesterday, Deb had to work. Savannah, Alex and I have started a new project: The Grand Rapids Park Project. The purpose is pretty simple: visit every park in Grand Rapids, hopefully by the end of the summer.

And that’s about it. This morning I’m playing catch-up on some work. I have to go make some coffee now. Goodbye.

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