Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's 5 minutes past eleven.

Today I reformatted a PC at a home builder’s place. I had it back within hours, cause they didn't have any backups whatsoever. Of course I saved all crucial information. I saved their bacon.

Otherwise, after work I took the girls to a couple of parks to get them away from the television. I got the idea to get a map of the city, and we could put a red X on each city park we visit until we visit each and every park in the city.

There is an ice cream place on West River Drive that must be a hundred years old. Buying ice cream there is like going back in time.

After that we came home and watched a movie I downloaded on my laptop from I hooked the laptop to the television with an s-Video cable for the first time. It worked like a champ. No more going to blockbuster.

Right now I'm sitting on the front porch enjoying a cigar and listening to my Ipod. It's 5 minutes past eleven. There's a great podcast called "The Diner". It's kind of old time radio.

Well, that podcast is over, now I'm hitting the sack. Nighty-night Internet.

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