Wednesday, April 15, 2009

movie review: Trainspotting

movie "Trainspotting" = ***** asterisks.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, April 06, 2009

"State of Play" Russell Crowe looks like an angry, unfunny Sam Kinison with that haircut!
the announcer for the MSU game just said UNC is the "epitome of spurtability team". At what point do the producers rush in and TASER the announcer for saying retarded shit? I'm just asking.
commercial for "GM Confidence (.com)." LOLZ yeah, GM Confidence. They have the balls to run a commercial that says that? Live TV BLOWS. These commercials are nauseating. Guess I'll pause it long enough to buffer the commercials. Dammit.

And every time I bother watching sports, the team I want to win loses. Is it possible I'm affecting the outcome of major sporting events in other geographic locations just by viewing them on the TV? It's impossible!
twitter is down during the game. sports overload?
They can show all the Coke Zero commercials they want, but it tastes like ass.
Top of the seventh, Tigers down by 4. MSU game in a couple minutes. Gawd, Denny's giving out free food again. I know there's a recession on, but really? Just giving out free food? Oh God! How many friggin' commercials do they show during live TV?

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