Monday, December 14, 2009

#64 A Collection of Fascinating Words:

Tantalus, Cadastral, Simularea, Effluvia,
Gewgaw, Duodenum, Sysyphian, Louche, 
Besmirched, Ephemera, Schadenfreude, Plateau,
Interlocutor, Carbuncle, Uvula, Remnant, 
Meed, Equivoque, Gregarious, Delineation, 
Saturnine, Chthonic, Nostrum, Extant,
Potemkin, Palaver, Phantasmagoria, 
Thalamus, Entelechy, Laburnum, 
Sanguinarium, Patagonia, Landanum, 
Detritus, Automata, Atelier, Circumlocution,

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