Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Seven silence towns ago,
We shopped the Quick Stop,
Row by row
We bought some jerky, and some beers,
We are Ninety-Four Chrysler charioteers.

Seven silence towns ago,
Around midnight,
We drove real slow
We saw a cop harass a drunk
On a broken sidewalk near the dump.

Seven silence towns ago,
The strip malls lit, with space to lease,
The triangle flags festooned the lots
Of used cars holding down balloons
That in the night were all dark gray.
(Our business shuns the light of day.)

The body is wrapped in carpet old,
We diligently did as we were told,
'Dump him Seven towns away,'
(The Boss likes business done that way.)
He did not pay: away away,
He cried and begged, but the carpet he stains,
And police dogs will find his stinking remains
Seven silence towns away.

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