Monday, February 25, 2013

#70 Thursdays In Heaven

When I got to the Pearly Gates
(My reward I earned as a man)
They gave me a pack of Camels,
And smoked oysters in a can.

I took the bus to the pool hall,
On the seedy side of town,
On a random Thursday morning,
I just kind of hung around.

There's a guy in a Marlboro tracksuit
Telling tales of Vietnam,
And a guy yelling into a cell phone,
Disagreements with his mom.

I lunched on convenience-store pizza
With my last five dollar bill,
But later I met a dead-beat,
We got high and watched Dr. Phil.

In the evening, I walked to the highway,
And headed out of town.
Eternity's nice on the weekends,
But the weekdays get you down.


matt at shadow of iris said...

Yeah, heaven ain't all it's cracked up to be ...

This is an excellent poem, btw.

Donald Watkins said...

I always enjoy your writing. This is good...keep it coming!

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