Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Commute was So Awesome, You Guys.

Yesterday when I was politely sharing the road with my fellow motorists, a miracle happened.
It had been raining all. damn. day.

But then the sun came out! The radio station played the following songs: "My Sharona," "Down Under," "Dancing Queen,*" and "I'm Alright."

And I thought, while sitting at a light with my polite, reasonable, undistracted fellow motorists, "God damn, this is Freedom. America is so awesome right now."

*The song "Dancing Queen" is a compositional masterpiece. It starts with the chorus, a hook that in itself has two parts, then goes to the verses. Other songs do that, even "I'm Alright," by musician and Jesus impersonator Kenny Loggins, but “I’m Alright” is no “Dancing Queen.” so anyway, Freedom, or whatever.

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