Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Should I participate in social media?

Should I participate in social media? Should I engage with it, spend my time on it, pay attention to it? What is it? The gibbering of millions of [REDACTED__1123ho], extorting me with their dumb ideas. Now I am one of these [REDACTED__ax58433] as well, begging for attention, spewing forth nonsense, unwelcome and unasked, unto an apathetic non-audience of imaginary people. Yet here I am, and here it is, a collection of half-wit words, tapped carefully on a keyboard, a non-message, a scream into the void. [REDACTED__55321x3Should I participate in social media?

Of course. And here I am. This thing unposted will be cut. It will then be pasted! To multiple platforms! A platform, like the trapeze platform. I am ready to do my tricks. Now can I say something outlandish? Something controversial and new? Of course not. For if an infinity of monkeys on an infinity of typewriters can accidentally reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare word-for-word, then with the Internet, everything has been said, whether it should have been said or no.

These are the words that I have typed. If you are reading this, I have participated in social media. Should I participate in social media? 

This was a writing exercise. Should I participate in social media?

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Leonard said...

It is I, The Audience

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