Saturday, June 24, 2006

Attractive young women bearing trays of beer

Greetings and salutations from me, Dan Manning. I'm on my front porch, broadcasting this via the miracle of wireless router communications. A lawnmower drones in the distance. Robins and sparrows frolic on my recently watered lawn. A Corona Extra sweats seductively by my side. The kids have friends over in the house, entertaining themselves in wholesome and non-annoying ways. Deb is visiting with her friend. The sun is shining. I am basking in the afterglow of a well-made cigar mightily smoked. My feet are bare, my head is clear, with the slightest hint of a beer buzz painting a golden halo around all things.

I have written fabulous fictions that will astound and delight millions of readers.

I have listened to my iPod and enjoyed numerous Podcasts that, in hearing them, make me feel hip and connected.

Yesterday I golfed in the 3rd annual Firehouse Open. Much Bloody Mary Mix was consumed, along with a mysterious active ingredient that made me sociable and happy. I hit the golf ball in a confident and able manner, sending it aloft in straight, true trajectories which landed them for the most part on neatly manicured fairways. Later I enjoyed the company of friends and acquaintances while eating spiced hot-wings and viewing multiple sporting events on large screens. Attractive young women bearing trays of beer catered to my every need.

Yes, this is a good weekend. May you enjoy yours as well

Peace in the Middle East!

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