Friday, June 02, 2006

While browsing through FHM magazine at the Hideout Brewery, I came across a link to this page. The guy doodled a huge doodle with almost everything. Scroll down to the big bottom-left mural, and click it to get a larger view. The guy's got everything from Citizen Kane to the Wizard of Oz and everything in between in this picture. Pretty friggin' cool.

Today one of my customers got whacked by lightning. Lightning is weird. When I was in the Navy, when I lived in our little brick house in VA, our house got struck by lightning while Deb and I and a couple we hung out with were watching a Blockbuster VHS (yes, I said VHS). So I turned momentarily to grab my drink. While I was looking at my drink, a bolt of lightning came through the side window next to our loveseat (where our guests were sitting) and hit the FRONT of our VCR.

I missed the whole thing, but Deb and Rob and Kara were freaked out!

They all described the same thing: the bolt of lightning came through the center of the windowpane, arced through the air, and hit the front of the VCR.

I got a free rental out of the deal, because we couldn't get the tape out to take back.

In other news, I propagated .pdf printing powers, and looked at a switch that was fried by lightning. Plus, another guy in the building had his computer fried, so that’s a bonus for me. Data recovery and computer rebuilding and such.

Go Global Warming! Thunderstorms: Activate!

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