Friday, June 16, 2006

Tip: Meet the New Neighbors

If you move to a new house, here’s how to meet the new neighbors: Have a Garage Sale. I know this works, because we have had new neighbors for a few weeks now, but I haven’t gone over to introduce myself. Why not? Because I don’t want to meet people simply because some random Realtor showed a random house to some random people. That’s my excuse, I’m really shy. But enough about me: Here’s why you should have a garage sale when you move to a new house: The neighbors, even unsociable dickheads like myself, will come over and introduce themselves and buy some of your junk.

This morning the new neighbors had a garage sale, and I went over and looked at all their junk and introduced myself. I got 4 words for ya: “Framed Dale Earnhardt

But despite that, I met the new neighbor lady, and she’s nice. Deb and Savannah just went over to look at their sale as well. So let’s be neighborly.

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mcbeev said...

Wanna buy some of my crap when I move ? 1042 E Avery CT baby.

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