Thursday, June 01, 2006

i am relax-o-boy . . . . oh, wait, maybe not.

I am relax-o-boy. For some reason today, I feel relaxed, tanned, and rested. Not sure why. I'm just like, "hey, groovy." or something.

I guess it might have to do with Deb. She got a part-time position instead of resource, so now we're going to get actual healthcare coverage, so I feel like we’re part of the human population again, instead of being Morlocks or something.

The war is depressing the hell out of me. Last night on the news they had a story of a father and mother being shot at a checkpoint. In front of the five kids in the back seat of their car. They had a photo of a little girl, about five or six years old, screaming in horror and crying.

(By the way, who the fuck is taking pictures of somebody else’s grief like that? Its depressing. Shouldn’t we listen to the “president” and just see happy news?)

So this little girl sees her parents massacred by a bunch of guys in wrap-around mirrored sunglasses and desert camouflage. Isn’t “freedom” delicious? It makes it’s own gravy.

I wonder how they told her they were sorry. oops. our mistake. I suppose if we hadn’t invaded your country by accident (or on purpose?) we wouldn’t have shot your parents. But hey, you’re liberated. Doesn’t that make you feel better? Here, have a lollipop.

Hmm, how does that “freedom” taste? Good? Do you love democracy now?

Gosh, my relax-o-boy feeling is suddenly gone. What a fucking downer.

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