Thursday, June 22, 2006

Let all people of earth read what I have written.

I'm at the library! But I'm posting this anyways.

I gave up trying to read Atlas Shrugged by next Tuesday, so I bought a copy and took it back. Then I thought, "wouldn't it be super keen to see my web-page from the library?"

Then I thought, what a super-cool frood I'd be if I posted to my blog from a public place, typing shamelessly in full view of my adoring public?

So I sat down at this terminal (K140 if you'd like to make a pilgrimage) and opened the Firefox browser.

I had to put in my library number, which I will not be publishing here. I punched it in a couple times, I have a library card keychain-thingy. I punched it in and it came up wrong, I double-checked the number. It matched the number on the screen, but then I realized I was punching in my BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO card number. I hope some shifty librarian hasn't key-logged my blockbuster number. I'd hate to pay fines for movies like "Out of Africa" or "Sophie's Choice." Friggin' librarians.

I had 4 stops today: A keyboard/spyware job at an used automobile place; a chkdisk/print server job at an accounting office downtown; a fan replacement at some place I have no idea what they do, but I had to call Diebold and another company, and I replaced the fans in a cool server; and finally, document revisions/data backup at an accounting place.

The wife's at work and the kids are at bible camp, so I might stop by for a pint (1) before making back to the homestead.

Let all people of earth read what I have written.


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