Tuesday, June 20, 2006

pooping out mulberries at an alarming rate

Today I did a “free estimate” for a laptop screen repair. I got the part number anyway. I’ll probably quote too high cause I don’t want to do it. The price will be naturally high because laptop screens are really expensive. I wish I had a laptop screen factory. But I’d have to move to China or India to afford the workers, so I guess I’m glad I don’t have a laptop screen factory.

I put some stamps on some postcards. I went to a print-shop where I might be their new computer guy. I ate some glumkies. I cleaned out my car. I went golfing. I shot a 47. That’s pretty good for me. I like golf. Went with Deb to pick up the girls from bible camp. On the way back, a guy was pealing his tires at every stoplight. He was driving a Mustang. What a jackass.

I’m like, really really tired, because I don’t get enough exercise, so every round of golf on Tuesday is like I ran a marathon or something.

I had three cruncy tacos at Taco Bell. I visited Mark at the Firehouse. I read some more of my book. I actually made a spreadsheet with a chart to figure out how many pages a day I would have to read to finish it before it’s due back at the library. Looks like I’m going to have to buy the book, cause I can’t read that fast. And I’ve already renewed it once already, and I think they only let you renew once. I’m a library geek. Live with it.

There was only one place to put our pool, and unfortunately, it’s under a mulberry tree. The friggin’ mulberry tree is pooping out mulberries at an alarming rate this year. I blame Al Gore and global warming.

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