Monday, July 24, 2006

I dropped the toilet cover

Did I mention that I dropped the toilet cover (over the back part, where you take it off to see why the toilet ain’t filling or whatever)and it fell on the tiles in the downstairs bathroom? It broke off the corner of it. I put a towel over it and swept up the pieces and Deb hasn’t noticed yet. Let’s see if she’s reading my blog or not. Probably not.

Today I set up a new laptop. I was smart enough to bring the older machine back, and sure enough, I hadn’t backed up the “family tree” software data. But I got it back thanks to my trusty usb-ide converter cable. that thing kicks ass.

Then, I was off to drop off Mr. 5-Gig-of-music machine. The guy had so much music, it took over 8 hours to copy it down in order to format his virus-laden HD.

After that I had to help some lady download some crap software from Comcast, or they wouldn’t let her connect to the Internet. We were on hold so long, I finally just downloaded it and got her on the Internet.

Now I’m working on a crap E-machine. They don’t put the fucking drivers on their website, and the restore “image” is giving me fits. I hate everything and everybody right now.

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