Thursday, July 03, 2008


The Internet AND the cable is out. My life is a shambles! Luckily I got a call about a PC that needs to be redone. I also got a call about a laptop that had a screen "going in and out". I've had many such calls, and each one has been something expensive, either a motherboard or a screen. This usually makes the customer decide to "just get a new one" which is usually a good idea because the laptop they have in the first place is usually ancient.

But not today. In each case I have hoped, to no avail, that the problem was a "loose connection". That has never been the case, until today. It was actually a loose connection. I took the laptop apart right there and reseated the connector near the hinge. That has never happened before.

I want to go get a beer, but I know it is only because I'm bored. No Internet, no World of Warcraft, no cable TV. I'm dying here. It's like living in the seventies. What I need to do is either take a nap or work on my novel. Or I could lie down AND work on my novel. That would probably be the best plan of all.

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