Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Craig Kilborn is not dead

I have seen the enemy
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Is “Flag Day” a real holiday? Apparently the Post Office thinks so, because they didn’t deliver the friggin’ mail and I didn’t know why. Slackers. “Flag Day” is a real holiday the same way “Arbor Day” is a real holiday: it isn’t.

I’m out on the patio writing this. It’s a fabuloso day out today.

This morning I picked up a PC to reformat, but the lady didn’t have the XP CD . . . well whatever, she’s wasted a lot of my time. But I need the money so I have to be nice.

I told a Hispanic man he needed to buy a new computer.

I discovered, to my horror, a woman running a PC with only 32M ram. I sold her 128 and hooked up her DSL connection. The world is now a better place. I’m sure I’ll be back to clean up the spyware soon.

I started some market research for a NON FICTION book idea. I went to the library to study up on what was already out there. I have to compose a query letter and such. I will not tell you my multi-million dollar idea, cause I’m afraid there are unscrupulous people out there who might steal my idea and leave me destitute. Of course, I’m not talking about you, Dear Reader, you are my favorite person in the whole wide world. Yes, You!

I saw a Geek Squad mobile in traffic today, and I took a picture of it.

Craig Kilborn is not dead. Deb and I weren't sure. We thought a former host of The Daily Show had killed himself, but I guess we were mistaken.

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