Thursday, March 29, 2007

boots (1999-2007) they will be sorely missed.

they squeak. i had to replace them with Navy Issue Flight Deck Boots.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In Heaven . . .

In Heaven . . .

The cops are English, the cooks are French, the lovers are Italian, and the mechanics are German.

In Hell . . .

The police are French, the cooks are English, the mechanics are Italian, and the lovers are German.

NPR Spring Membership Week.

SHUT UP! SHUT UP! STOP MAKING ME FEEL GUILTY! STOP ASKING ME FOR MONEY! STOP BEGGING ME! I have the number memorized already! 888-258-9866 I don't want to join up! NO! I don't care what Ryan Automotive will give if you get 15 new members! NO! I DON'T CARE! I'm not paying for radio! NO! SHUT UP AND PLAY "ALL THINGS CONSIDERED"!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

bla bla. this post is boring.

We went to Lowes and bought bird seed and one of those solar stick-in-the-ground lights. I planted some flowers. I walked around barefooted. I chipped a golf-ball around the yard. I had a homeade Oatmeal Stout a friend gave me.

The girls went to a friend's house and Deb and I had Nachoes and Coronas at Cheers. I moved the super-heavy railroad ties from the backyard. I traded some computer work so my neighbor would haul them all away.

My back hurt from moving the railroad ties. I finished copying music back to my laptop. The fan doesn't run all the time anymore.

Tomorrow, computer work.

bla bla. this post is boring.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday, a new beginning . . .

I Spent the day reformatting my laptop. Why you ask? We bought a digital video camera, with a hard drive and all the bells and whistles. I installed the software to convert those videos into DVDs and such, and my friggin’ CPU fan went on high alert. It ran CONSTANTLY. I uninstalled the software, and behold, the friggin’ fan still ran CONSTANTLY. After a week of listening to the fan, I finally gave up and reformatted. All fixed, and my laptop is once a again, pure, virginal, and quick.

I got outside briefly, and I was barefooted. That’s always nice. Savannah had her last volleyball game.

Oh yeah, and if you haven't seen 300, go now. It was friggin' awesome.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

kick-ass product alert

Hi everyone, it's me, danmanning. I'd like to tell you about this kick-ass stuff, Luigi's Real Italian Ice. I don't know if it's Italian, I don't know who Luigi is, I don't even know if it's "real", but I can tell you this: its delicious.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


GRINDHOUSE New Tarantino flick! Comes out April 6. Yeah!!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

the blog post I posted on Saturday discussing Friday

Yesterday I spent the morning deleting porn froma customer’s PC after recovering his files after the customer's daughter accidentally formatted the machine. Can’t very well transport porn back to the customer, even though he’s the one who put it there in the first place. If it ever came down to it, the customer might not appreciate it despite that little fact.

It was fifty degrees out Friday, that’s really warm compared to the last few months. Deb and I took a walk aroundthe block. It was sunny, and snow was melting like crazy. I told “Big Head Steve” that his days were numbered. “Big Head Steve” is a snowman we built last week.

I set up computer faxing for one of my better clients. He had no modem, the phone jack in his office for the fax line had no dial tone, but I set it up and tested it just the same.

At the Hideout, I talked to this dude who works for IBM. Ken played my Motorhead CD, a lady from OSHA was snooping around in a surprise visit, and I kept it down to two beers.

Me and the girls watched “Hellboy”. Meh, it was watchable I guess.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


no comment required.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

what has it got in its pocketses?

This is the crap I carry in my pockets. Jeeze.

Friday, March 02, 2007

turkey leg soup, anna nichole still dead. snow.

Nothing doing today. Last night Alex beat me at cribbage. The dog might have a fractured leg, so Deb took her to the vet. How much is that going to cost?

I got no calls today. That’s two days in a row with no work, but I’ve been doing this long enough to not panic. Next week I’ll be slogging away at it again, and it’s pretty interesting work actually.

I made awesome turkey-leg soup. I played Xbox. I made postcards and sent out statements. I haven’t bathed and I see no reason to. It’s been snowing like crazy and I called the guy with the snowplow to come shovel the driveway. My back can’t take it anymore.

A bus fell off a bridge in Atlanta. Anna Nichole is still dead. CNN has been updating every movement of the now stinking body (I assume) of the late Anna Nichole. I hate her now more than ever. Please go away you latex bimbo!

Only 19 days until the vernal equinox.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

it's march.

It’s March, and this morning, around four(?) there was thunder and lightning and blowing frozen rain. In like a lion . . . check! I had to order HP install disks for a customer because they (HP) are too lazy to provide restore disks with their fancy-shmancy media center PCs.

We lost power for awhile. I got Alex from school for a Dental appointment. I went to McDonalds and ordered all the wrong stuff.

We lost power and when it came back on the Internets weren’t up. So I called Comcast (mistake) to see if there was an outage in our area. I ended up arguing with the jackass on the other end (not from India; an American jackass) who was trying to tell me that because I had a 169. . . IP address, it proved there wasn’t anything wrong with my connection. "Are you trying to tell me the network cards in both my machines went bad at the same time?" I asked. "Possibly" said the Jackass. I ended up arguing with him, but by the time I was off the phone, the service was back up. God Dammit I wanted to strangle the guy through the phone.

I dropped off a machine using Earthlink DSL. It’s the first such hookup I’ve encountered so far (Earthlink DSL that is) and I had to muddle through the setup. Turns out I had to call Earthlink and have them give me their DNS server IP addresses. Otherwise, it went smooth as usual. My second drop-off went smoother yet. They had comacast.

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